My GT6+Plus

904681_10152156317713692_1222241843996442837_oThis is the build of my dream car…. a 1970 Triumph GT6+ Plus.  I’ve add the ‘plus’ b/c I’ve added a Toyota 5spd transmission and air condition to this car along with moving the engine back about 6″.

There are many  many mods to this car and I hope to be able to drive it soon.1801366_10152156318423692_6661820415827835352_o

MOST of the major work and mock of the parts and ideas is done.  I just need to finalize a few items and start paint and body work.1512054_10152156317688692_4801378061539340418_o



Sick Six

This is a 1970 TR6 that I restored for a customer.  The car had a rough start but is now complete and diving well.

This was finished for the 2013 Euro Auto Festival at the BMW Plant in SC and then used for his daughter’s wedding the next week.

The car has a NEW TR6 frame from RATCO.

VTO Performance Wheels

CV axles in the rear.

Toyota 5 Speed Transmission.

Completely rebuilt Engine with uprated specs and cam.